Band Management | Artist Management

Niche Consultancy is available to advise and assist any artist or writer who wishes to have a professional Management office at their disposal.
Niche have over 35 years in the entertainment Industry and aware of the pitfalls.

Band | Artist Promotion

Through our associate company Promo UK we offer the following promotional service...

Silverword Music Group is an independent record label based in Wales, UK. Silverword was formed in 1983, and has over 15 record labels in its catalogue covering most genres of music.


Promo UK will prepare a press Release,(suitable for both press and media presentation) highlighting the artist and music, stimulating greater interest in the product. We follow this a personal contact with selected Presenters & Heads of Music in a bid to get them playing the CD.

Regional Radio

Promo UK will forward the CD to the pertinent heads of music, relevant Producers and specific Presenters.
The CD will be accompanied by the PR fact/information sheet which Promo UK seek to gain possible Radio interviews.
We will offer limited 'Give Aways' in the form of CDs and Photographs in the pursuit of publicity & interviews.

The CD will be presented to the heads of music at Radio Two, using the same procedures to gain intrest interviews and airplay.

ILR/Community/Cable/Local & Associate Outlets

Mailing New Release Shows, Specialist, World Music and Cultural programmes (where relevant) to build up the profile of the CD.

Recording Studio

Our studio is very well-equipped. Here you will have an opportunity to use the best recording accessories from the leading brands on the market. We’ll leave at your disposal three professional microphones with stands, a digital audio workstation, an audio interface, a few pairs of headphones, studio monitors, pop filters and other essential accessories.

Moreover, you will have an access to a fully-equipped kitchen with a microwave, an oven, a refrigerator . Therefore, the days in a recording studio will be spent in a professional, but homely atmosphere.